Brains v Brawn


Dogs are often more brainy than their owners, experts have decided, their research has proved that your pooch understands 165 words or gestures - the same as a two - year - old child.

The brighter breeds recognise 250 words and can add up to five and do easy sums. One test was to put two treats behind a screen while the dog was watching. When one was secretly taken away or another added, the dog would stare at the screen for longer, the same reaction as a small child. Prof.Coren of Vancouver, Canada says that those dogs in the top 20% understood that one plus one equals two, not one or three.

The tests revealed that Border Collies were the smartest and Afghan Hounds the dimmest. Prof Coren commented that some older breeds such as hounds or terriers were bred to hunt for humans. Collies and retrievers were bred to follow commands.

Where does your breed come, Bright Light or Dull Flame?

Top 10 Brainiest

  • 1st Border Collie
  • 2nd Poodle
  • 3rd German Shepherd
  • 4th Golden Retriever
  • 5th Doberman Pinscher
  • 6th Shetland Sheepdog
  • 7th Labrador Retriever
  • 8th Papillion
  • 9th Rottweiler
  • 10th Australian Cattle Dog

Top 10 Dimmest

  • 1st Afghan Hound
  • 2nd Basenji
  • 3rd Bulldog
  • 4th Chow Chow
  • 5th Borzoi
  • 6th Bloodhound
  • 7th Pekingese
  • 8th Beagle
  • 9th  Mastiff
  • 10th Bassett Hound

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