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Clix No Bark CollarClix No Bark CollarClix No Bark CollarClix No Bark Collar

Clix "No Bark" Collar

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200cm x 110cm


Useful information for the CLIX "No-Bark" Collar

Barking is a natural instinct for your dog. It's also quite natural for you to not want to hear a dogs bark sometimes and have some peace and quiet instead! The CLIX No-Bark collar effectively and humanely stops most barking when it worn by a dog. It should only be worn when you do not want your dog to bark. Your dog's reaction to the collar in terms of their barking will depend on your usage of the collar and the temperament as well as breed of your dog. A CLIX No-Bark collar helps you communicate to your dog when it is okay to bark and when it is not. Some dogs will learn quickly and will not need the collar long term, others will associate not barking with the collar and will only control their barking when they have the collar on. For best results, use the collar when you do not want your dog to bark at all and remove it during times when barking is appropriate or wanted. When your dog barks, a microphone inside the CLIX No-Bark Collar picks up the sound and sends an ultra-high frequency sound to interrupt your dog's bark without hurting his sensitive ears. The tone is annoying but harmless and inaudible to most people. It works on all dogs within hearing range, so it's a great option for single-dog homes or for a dog who barks only in one place around your home, such as in the garden or a room in the house. There is also a vibration option that is not harmful but is strong enough to deter the dog from barking. Please note: Before you put the CLIX No-Bark Collar on, take-off all other dog collars for the duration of the training session. Place the CLIX No-Bark Collar onto your dog and turn it on to vibration or sonic mode . Every time your dog barks, he will hear or feel a safe, effective correction that reminds him not to bark. Most dogs will understand very quickly that the CLIX No-Bark Collar is disrupting their urge to bark and will relax and stop barking. If he continues barking, try to calm him to teach him he needs to be quiet when he feels the correction (of either sonic sound or vibration) taking place! You should notice a reduction in your dog's barking within the first couple of days of wearing the CLIX No-Bark Collar. Remain consistent and place the CLIX No-Bark Collar on your dog in every situation that you expect him to be quiet. If your dog is not wearing the collar, he may resume barking and his learning will suffer a setback. Remember: - Never leave the collar on for more than 12 hour's - Work with your dog, praise and reward him when behaviour is correct CLIX No-Bark Collars are a great, safe way to reduce your dog's barking, but they don't replace training. Think of the collar as a training aid to help you teach your pet when it's okay to bark.

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