At DoggyDuvets your dogs comfort is our priority.A soft, supportive bed is the secret to a happy, lively companion, so you need to get it right......

In general,there are 3 styles of sleeping, when you choose a bed for your buddy, take into account a few of the pointers included on this page, but remember ultimately you know your dog and what is best for them.

Sizing Guide - How do I know what bed to get?


Snuggle up in their beds and like to feel enclosed and secure. They tend to burrow and snuggle, and they don't mind things loosely around their head while resting. . To size a Curler, measure the longest diameter of your pet while they are sleeping or resting. This will be from his outer shoulder to the base of the tail.. Add 150mm( 6 inches). The sum should be used as a guide for the shortest side of his new bed.....CLICK HERE


Stay fairly compact but enjoy extra support for their head. Loungers may appear to" ball up "but then extent their head out to lay it down. To size a Lounger, measure the longest distance from the tip of the nose to the tail base while the dog is lounging. Add 125mm(5 inches).The sum should be used as a guide for the shortest side of the new bed...... CLICK HERE


Are unpredictable in their sleeping patterns and like to use lots of space when they rest. Sprawlers lay on their sides, roll around frequently, and rarely rest in the same position in a day. To size a sprawler, measure the longest distance,often from nose to tail base , when the dog is sprawled in his most frequent resting position. Add 150mm(6 inches). The sum should be used as a guide for the shortest side of the new bed....... CLICK HERE

Finally,find the bed/duvet that is the best match and then decide what material best suits your needs.Is s/he a dog that loves water?, does s/he have along or short coat?, does s/he feel the cold or do they "pant" all of the time?Is s/he incontinent? Is the bed/duvet for home or car,caravan or crate? Do you need spare covers? 

These suggestions are for guidance only, like us, every dog is different ,observe their habits before you make your informed choice.If in doubt contact us on 07811 130730 or via our contact page.